Managing trusts and estates can be complex and often results in family conflict. Let our trust experts navigate the complex legal and tax issues and make those necessary administrative decisions.

Peoples National Bank of Kewanee will administer all estate planning requirements in accordance with the provisions of the documents and the intentions of the creator of the trust and the beneficiaries. Services offered include goal evaluation and analysis, asset management, bill payment, and all other requirements for trust administration. Revocable living trusts, irrevocable trusts, charitable trusts, Illinois land trusts, and other types of trusts are among those that are administered. PNB can also act as a co-trustee or successor trustee. Please also see our Professional Farm Management Services page.

Investment Management Agencies

In a world that tries to push everyone into a one size fits all investment plan, we recognize the unique needs of each customer. We will listen to you in order to best achieve your financial goals given your risk tolerance. Our staff will design a disciplined strategy with an appropriate asset allocation program. Please also see our Professional Farm Management Services page.

Executor Services

PNB will complete all tasks necessary to settle a person's estate in conformity with the governing document. Those often involve complex legal and tax issues. Having PNB as executor can also reduce family conflicts and help maintain family harmony when difficult decisions must be made. We recognize that there are sensitive issues upon a death and we will act to avoid conflict and settle the estate in a timely manner.