Customer Testimonial

I want to thank you for taking the time to spend the entire day with me visiting the Damgard, Boxer, and Illinois Valley Farms. The ability to meet with all the tenants and be caught up on all the projects that we have initiated was invaluable. Without your leadership and your management skills I suspect I would not have any interest in being in the farming business. You have consistently maximized the returns that I get every year while at the same time suggesting projects that have repeatedly improved yields and increased the value of each and every one of the properties. I only wish that I could make the trip more often, but I’m very pleased to know that you are paying attention to it each and every day. I simply can’t imagine owning land without having the Professional Farm Management Services department of the Dwight Banking Center actively engaged in making sure that everything is done in exactly the right way.

John Damgard, Current Client, Farmland Property Owner